First Baptist GeorgeTown

Women's Ministry

I love this church! I love Sunday mornings. I love singing praises to God. I love being together with other sojourners traveling on many different paths, but all coming together at this place, at this time for the profound purpose of serving the Creator of the universe.

I love the women of this church. Many are just reaching adulthood and have exuberance and unbridled enthusiasm for the story of their lives that has only just begun. They glow with love of life and are boundless in their energy and love for each other.

I love the mothers. They nurture, they teach, they support, they love unconditionally. They help guide their children toward knowledge and love and accepting the gift of salvation.

I love the grandmothers. They are the mentors, they are missionaries and they are citizens of the community. They have matured in their faith through weathering trials, and help others to lean on the Lord when the journey is difficult. They bring inspiration that we too can move through this life with grace, forgiveness and understanding.

The women’s ministry is here for all women who are called by Jesus, who long to know Him better and to serve each other along the way. We lift each other up, we help each other out and above all we join our Lord in loving one another with the heart of Christ.

Please join us as we seek to love God, love people and help others do the same!

Julie Krueger
Women's Ministry Coordinator




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