At FBG, we have service at our core. Whether you're a student, a parent, or one of our church members, take a look at the opportunities to serve in our youth ministry.

Sundays and Wednesdays: Every Sunday and Wednesday we have a committed group of adults that work with our youth. We are always looking to expand our team with those that feel called to serve. Please let Michael know if you have an interest and we'll set a time to meet and get started.

Event Help: Throughout the year we have trips, events, and service projects where we need more help from adults than our weekly volunteers can provide. If it's on our calendar, you can pretty much assume we'll need some extra help. If you don't have 52 weeks to give but you still want to help, please let us know what event you'd like to help with. During these events, we need everything from drivers, cooks, and chaperones to people who can swing a hammer, thread a needle, or sing a song. If you've got something to offer, we can use your help.

Ministry Teams: A ministry team is a group of adults and students who work together to lead out in the planning and implementation of a specific ministry project. Some teams focus on our weekly teaching series. Other teams work on specific events. If you would like to get involved on a team, please let us know!

Current and Upcoming Ministry Teams

Team Name
"Better Together" - Series

Led by - Brett Levy

Start Date: 12/1/18
End Date: 3/10/19

Overview: Better Together is a series focused on relationships with peers, in the home, and at church. This team will lead the planning for our Wednesday night services as well as thematic elements during the week.

Collide Impact Weekend

Led by - Christie Palmer

Start Date: 2/19/19
Event Dates: 5/3/19-5/5/19

Overview: Collide Impact Weekend is an event where our students spend the weekend serving (making an impact) in Williamson County. This team will assist our adult team with any projects that will help us get ready for the busy weekend.

"Integrity" - Series

Led by - Amanda Levy

Start Date: 1/3/19
End Date: 4/28/19

Overview: Integrity is a series focused on living a life where your actions line up with your stated beliefs. This team will lead the planning of our Wednesday night services as well as thematic elements during the week.

Summer Events

Led by - Michael Sawyer

Start Date: 3/31/19
End Date: 8/15/19

Overview: This team will make a plan for all of our summer events. We really want to focus on having a great time together and growing relationships with old and new friends.

Junior High Mission Trip

Led by - Shanna Downs
Start Date: 4/14/19
End Date: 7/11/19

Overview: This team will assist in the planning of our yearly Junior High Mission Trip. We are expanding our efforts and will need a great team to ensure success.