First Baptist GeorgeTown

December 11, 2016


Other verses to read: Matthew 7:21; Matthew 1:21; Luke 7:36-50.

Jesus has all authority over your life. This statement is either very comforting or very offensive, depending on your relationship with Him. He makes the rules, and we are obligated to obey.

David wrote in Psalm 119 “Oh how I love your law!” During this Christmas season, have a conversation with your family about how Jesus was born to be a King who has absolute authority.

During your prayer time, thank God for His power and rule over all creation.

Submitting to authority isn’t easy. Some people feel stifled or oppressed by God’s commands, so they choose to rebel against Him. Other people merely pay lip service to His authority but then don’t actually obey how they should. This leaves all of us in the same boat — as rebels.

This week, ask God in prayer to open your eyes to the ways you’ve sinned against Him. If you can’t think of any, then ask a Christian friend or pastor to help you understand your sin and what it’s done to your relationship with the Lord.

What an amazing thing it is that anyone who comes to God in humble repentance can be forgiven of all their sins! No matter how many sins you have committed, trusting in Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross can wash them away. This is the right way for rebels to submit to God’s authority.

Repenting and placing your faith in Jesus will yield a new lifestyle. At a family gathering this Christmas, tell a relative about how God has changed your life and actions.

Whenever you hear carols being sung about Jesus this Christmas, take a moment to share with someone about the joy you’ve been given through His birth, life and atoning death on the cross to forgive you.

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