First Baptist GeorgeTown

November 13, 2016


Other verses to read: Hebrews 13:17; Ephesians 4:12; Romans 12:6-8.

If you’re a member at First Baptist Georgetown, God has placed you here for a reason. Regardless of whether you’re someone who teaches a large Life Group or someone who hands out these “Worship Guides” on Sunday mornings, God has uniquely gifted you so that you will serve a special function in the life of this church body. What encouraging and exciting news!

Imagine not being able to use one of your legs. That would make your entire life more difficult, wouldn’t it? In the same way, if even one of the members in our church isn’t actively functioning in the place where God has them, we will all feel the consequences. What ways can you live out the gospel and do the work of the ministry in the role where God has placed you in the church? Perhaps you should ask a ministry leader where more help is needed in your area and seek to help them minister to others in whatever way necessary.

Maybe you’re someone who has been at FBG for a while yet hasn’t actually become a member of the body through baptism and church membership. Make a point to contact a pastor or trusted friend and talk through what it means to join a local church.

God has created each of us differently, with unique personalities and talents. This means that not everyone should seek to serve the same function in the church body. The apostle Paul said that the ear should not feel like less of a part of the body because it is not an eye. After all, if the body had no ears, how could it hear?

The question we need to ask ourselves this week is this: How can we serve in whatever place God puts us? Not all men are called to become deacons — and that’s OK! It doesn’t make you any less valuable just because you aren’t serving in the same way as someone else.

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