First Baptist GeorgeTown

November 6, 2016


Other verses to read: Matthew 18:15-19; Titus 1:9; Matthew 7:4-5.

Nothing is more important than being in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. He enables us to be overcomers even when we live in a dark and sinful world, where Satan has his throne. Sometimes we can be hesitant to acknowledge the significance of our relationship with God to others at work, school or in other activities. This can be especially difficult when you know being a follower of Jesus is unpopular to the people you are around. Jesus encouraged the church in Pergamum to follow the example of a man named Antipas, who belonged to their church and had been killed because he refused to deny God’s truth.

How can you step out of your comfort zone this week by acknowledging your relationship with Christ and His truth even when it might be unpopular? This could be around the water cooler at work, during a round of golf or in a brief conversation with your neighbor.

Come up with a couple of ideas and share those ideas with your spouse or a Christian friend so they can pray for you this week.

The church in Pergamum allowed destructive false teaching to persist with some of its people. Perhaps they convinced themselves that keeping the peace was more important than doctrinal purity, but Jesus issued a strong warning to the contrary. Being in a right relationship with Christ includes having right relationships with others — which might involve lovingly admonishing and correcting our brothers and sisters in Christ when they are in error. A right relationship with Jesus Christ also means that we should be open to correction from others. Only then will our hearts be right so that we can appropriately help those around us.

This week, pray that God would continue to preserve the scriptural integrity of our church. Also pray that you would be willing to lovingly confront others when they are drifting toward anything that is not in accord with God’s Word. Ask a trusted friend the following question, “If I ever felt like I needed to confront you about something in your life that I thought was headed away from a relationship with Christ, how would you want me to do that?” Just having a conversation like this can help you move toward willingness to help others when helping is really hard.

Also pray that your heart would be open to correction instead of always being right in your own eyes. Invite a trusted friend to let you know when they see you drifting into error. Ask a trusted friend if they see anything in your life that causes any concern.

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