First Baptist GeorgeTown

October 23, 2016

Back in 1866 there were around 700,000 people living in Texas, with a small but growing population right here in Georgetown, Texas in Williamson County. Today there are over 500,000 people in Williamson County and Georgetown is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. We have seen a 20% increase in population in Williamson County over the last five years. We are the seventh fastest growing county in the nation. And Williamson County is projected to grow by 367.7 percent with the addition of 1.5 million new residents by 2050.

God is continuing to bring more and more people right here where we live. God has continued to confirm His call on FBG to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the midst of civil war, reconstruction and great turmoil in our nation back in 1866, God raised up a church that has touched thousands upon thousands of people from Georgetown to the far reaches of the world. No matter what might happen in the next 150 years in our country, FBG has been placed right here in Williamson County to love God, love people and help others do the same. May even more faithfulness, sacrifice, obedience and disciple-making characterize the next 150 years. I am so thankful that we are at this moment where we can look back at what God has done, and together celebrate His grace and goodness. Now, let’s step forward together into our future for the glory of God and the proclamation of the gospel by loving God, loving people and helping others do the same.