First Baptist GeorgeTown

October 16, 2016


Other verses to read: Mark 1:15; Acts 3:19; James 1:12; Luke 15:7.

As we see Jesus walking amongst the golden lampstands (which represent churches), we see that He has complete knowledge of what is going on in the churches. He sees the way the Ephesian church is working hard, patiently enduring, bearing up for His name’s sake and not growing weary. He also, however, sees that they are lacking repentance and have abandoned the love they had for Christ when they first believed.

In the same way, Jesus has intimate knowledge of everything currently happening at our church. If He were to share His thoughts about us, what do you think He would say?

Begin to pray that Jesus would use you to be someone who adds to the spiritual health of FBG. Perhaps consider speaking with one of the leaders in the church about making yourself available to serve in whatever capacity is needed — knowing that when you love the church, you are loving Christ.

Christ commanded the Ephesian Church to “repent” and do the works they did at first, because they had stopped pursuing Christ as they did when they first believed. Repentance is a word that means “to have a change of mind.” When we repent, we decide to change our wrong thinking about God, church, life, etc. and instead surrender to who God is and what God says — which is always best. A true change of heart will always result in different behavior toward God, others and self.

While living as Christians, we must regularly repent. It isn’t a one-time decision, but rather an ongoing, essential part of a relationship with Jesus.

Repentance is an absolutely wonderful thing. Jesus said that there is more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner who repents than for 99 righteous people who don’t think they need to repent.

Get together with a trusted friend and pray together about your continual need for repentance and change. If possible, meet weekly and hold one another accountable to ensure that real change is taking place.

Model repentance in your home and church by confessing when you have sinned as opposed to making excuses or justifying wrong behavior. Humbly let those around you know that you love them and want to change.