First Baptist GeorgeTown

September 18, 2016


Other verses to read: Hebrews 4:12; Daniel 7:13-14; Matthew 14:26-27.

Do you consider yourself to be a “God-fearing” person? When we see Jesus Christ as revealed in our sermon text for this morning, we can see many reasons to tremble in fear. His eyes are like flames of fire, with which He sees right through us, and out of His mouth comes a sharp double-edged sword that exposes our hearts.

This vision of Jesus should drive us to our knees before Him. Take a posture of reverence before the Lord by kneeling and confessing your sins to God at least once this week. From this week forward, try to create a pattern of regular confession in your life.

Amazingly, when we really begin to fear God as the righteous judge and throw ourselves at His mercy, we understand that we don’t need to be afraid of Jesus. The same Jesus who has eyes of fire and and can lay us open with the sword of His Word is the one who has saved us. He lived the life that we have failed to live and then broke the curse of the law for us by dying on the cross so that we will not face spiritual death but instead experience eternal life!

This week, intentionally remind your spouse or a close friend of this truth. Use the gospel message to spur them on in living for Christ.

There are certain things in life which once seen, simply must be shared. The Apostle John got to see Jesus in His full glory, and was immediately told to write down everything he was observing so it could be shared.

Think about the last time you saw a really good movie or met someone famous. Did you tell others about it?

When you encounter Jesus Christ while reading the Bible this week, share the exciting news with a friend, neighbor or co-worker.