First Baptist GeorgeTown

September 4, 2016


Other verses to read: Exodus 21:5; Philippians 3:12-14; Daniel 7:9-10.

A bondslave is someone who has willingly committed themselves to one master for the rest of their lives. The book of Exodus says that the only reason why someone would do this is because they love their master and trust them to take care of them. In exchange, the bondslave gives up all of their rights and instead obeys their master’s will. This week, look for an opportunity to deny yourself and serve your Master, Jesus Christ:

Choose to hold your tongue when you feel justified in lashing out at someone.

Submit to others out of reverence for Christ instead of insisting on your own way.

Serve someone who has been unkind to you and doesn’t deserve it.

Since a bondslave seeks to do the will of their master, we must seek to understand Christ’s will in His Word. Revelation 1:3 says that you will be blessed if you read it. Take this promise seriously by:

Reading it aloud with your family during a devotional time.

Making a goal to read the entire book to get a better feel of where we are heading together in this sermon series.

John states that “the time is near.” What are you doing differently in light of this truth that you wouldn’t be otherwise? Heed Christ’s commission to love God, love people and help others do the same this week by stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing the gospel message with at least one person.