First Baptist GeorgeTown

August 28, 2016


Other verses to read: Isaiah 6:5; 1 Corinthians 13:9-12; Daniel 7:9-10.

The book of Revelation is powerful. Jesus Christ is revealed in such a way that we should stand in awe of His majesty, tremble in reverence at His justice, and rejoice that He is the Savior and Redeemer of His bride, the Church. Ultimately, Revelation is about seeing a clear picture of Jesus Christ that drives us to worship Him. Share with a family member this week about a time when you were compelled to live a life of worship because of seeing Jesus in your life through a sermon, Bible study or circumstance in life.

A clearer view of who Jesus is should always produce humility — which is also critically important when approaching a book like Revelation. We should all strive to maintain a humble attitude as we walk through Revelation together. Determine one way that you will specifically demonstrate humility toward another person this week.

As we see and understand together what can be known about Jesus in Revelation, consider taking some of these additional steps this week:

Have a conversation with your spouse or a family member about what stirs your desire to live faithfully for Jesus Christ, seeking to love God, love people and help others do the same. Encourage each other. Pray for each other.

When you are tempted to sin this week, stop for a few minutes and focus on the goodness, faithfulness and awesomeness of God. Turn away from that temptation because of who Jesus Christ is and instead replace the opportunity to sin with a specific act of obedience. After this experience, consider sharing this victory with another believer.

Our sermon for next week is Revelation 1:1-3. This week, take a few moments to read these verses and thank God in prayer for revealing His Son Jesus to us.