First Baptist GeorgeTown

August 13, 2017


Ultimately, we all worship something. A constant theme in the Bible is for us to get rid of idols in our lives and worship the one true and living God. Before we have a relationship with Christ, our minds are blinded by sin and we don’t realize how much we cherish idols. After trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the Lord will help us fight against idolatry. Consider these questions when evaluating your fight against idolatry through trusting in Jesus Christ:

• Does anything so consume your thoughts that you find it hard to think about anything else?
• Do you spend your money with no regard for how God wants you to spend your money?
• If someone else considered how you spend your time, what would he or she say you are living for?
• Do you fight to control your life because of fear of losing something or someone?
• What emotions have you felt in the last month that might give insight to any idols in your life? Sometimes what brings us joy or creates great sadness can be an idol.
• Are your conversations and your feelings all about you? Do you regularly talk about how things are not fair for you?
• Do others confirm that you are really growing in Christ?

God’s plan is to remove idols from your life so that you worship Him and Him alone. Even though removing an idol from your life might be painful at first, God does this for our good. If you have experienced God’s gracious removal of an idol in your life, share the testimony of what the Lord has done in your life with someone else. Share with them about the life you have found in worshipping the Lord. If you have not experienced the Lord helping you remove idols from your life, seek out a believer from whom you could ask for help and prayer.

Meet with a fellow believer this week and discuss some of the ways you have sought comfort and security in things that became idols in your life, things that ended up being untrustworthy and let you down, or even brought you or others harm. Encourage each other to seek the Lord first and place your trust, hope and dependence on Him. Spend time praying together.

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