First Baptist GeorgeTown

May 14, 2017


Here are a few simple ways you can apply today’s Scripture to your life:

Encourage someone you know is a believer by reminding them that their salvation is based on the Lord’s saving work and not on their own effort. Remind them that their salvation does not depend on their own ability to survive the difficulties of life while maintaining their faith, but rather it depends on Christ’s power to save.

In your prayer time this week, meditate on the glory of God revealed in the gospel. Scripture tells us that even angels long to look into the profoundly glorious truths of salvation. How incredible that we get to partake in the blessings of being saved by God!

As you seek to share Christ with those around you this week, look for opportunities to gently correct the commonly held concept that people can escape God’s wrath and make it to Heaven by simply living in the right way. Explain that there is no way for us to justify ourselves to God or to make up for our sins. Share that you are totally depending on Jesus Christ to save you. Salvation comes from the Lord!

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