First Baptist GeorgeTown

April 30, 2017


Here are a few simple ways you can apply today’s Scripture to your life:

On your way to work, the grocery store or any other time you’re in the car, pray for opportunities to share the gospel at your destination. You are among the harvest! As a follower of Jesus, you have been sent out into the world to share the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Take some time to examine your life this week. What are some things that are hindering you from living your life in full pursuit of Jesus? Confess these things to God. Discuss some strategic steps you can take to rid yourself of distractions and idols with a friend or accountability partner.

Following Jesus is difficult sometimes. God often draws us out of our comfort zones to remove idols from our lives, teach us more about His character and to help us learn to depend on His strength and not our own. What are some ways God is drawing you out of your comfort zone? Are you surrendering to Him in obedience or resisting His call for you to step out of your comfort zone? We serve a faithful God who is with us every step of the journey, even when things are difficult. Pray and ask God to begin to draw you out of your comfort zone this week. If He already is, step out in faith. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

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