First Baptist GeorgeTown

March 26–April 9, 2017

Week One

1 Thessalonians 5:16–18

Pray that our church culture would be one in which making disciples is viewed as an ordinary part of the Christian life. Jesus commands us to be and make disciples. Pray that God would lead you to selflessly invest in another believer by encouraging them in their walk with Christ, mentoring them and being their friend. Ask God to infuse the prayers of our church with humility, honesty and biblical ambitions as we seek to grow deeper in our knowledge of who the Lord is, who we are and what He desires from us.

Week Two

Luke 11:5–13

This week, make a point to pray for your neighbors who live on either side of you. You might be surprised at the way God uses prayer to soften your own heart and encourage you to share the love of Jesus with those who live around you. If you haven’t yet learned your neighbor’s names, do so and pray for them by name at least once a day this week. Ask the Lord to show you great and wonderful things in His Word before you read the Bible this week. When you come before the Lord in prayer, take a posture of reverence and humility — acknowledging that you still have lots to learn and are thankful for Him revealing Himself to you through his Word.

Week Three

Matthew 6:5–13

Pray that the communities of Georgetown and Liberty Hill would be different because our church exists. Ask the Lord to use our church to make such an impact on each city for the sake of the gospel that the community is noticeably improved because of our efforts. Pray for the students at the many colleges and universities around our city and state. Ask the Lord to reveal His love for them during their very formative college years and that they would have a great influence on their campuses.