First Baptist GeorgeTown

March 5, 2017


Here are some simple ways to apply today’s Scripture to your life:

Seek to be a fragrant aroma of Christ in every place by aligning your life and decisions with the Word of God and by taking opportunities to share the gospel. If those around you call into question the validity of the Bible or the message of the gospel, don’t shrink back from following God’s Word or sharing the gospel. Even in the face of opposition, remain bold in proclaiming the gospel: That Jesus Christ’s perfect life, atoning sacrificial death and victorious resurrection from the dead are the only means of forgiveness for the sins we have committed against a holy God. Someone’s rejection of the Bible or the message of Jesus Christ the first time they hear it from you doesn’t mean that they might not trust Christ at some later time. A person who rejects Christ needs to continue to see the love of Christ in someone who follows the Lord. Keep following God’s Word and lovingly sharing the gospel.

You may have experienced injustices in your life. Perhaps it was an experience where you were excluded, mocked, hurt or judged because of your faith in Jesus Christ. Maybe it was just something wrong done to you or those you love. Seek to forgive and bless whoever has mistreated you, and remember that God’s desire is to extend the same grace to them as He has to you. Every reason for a call for justice can serve as a reminder for us to show and share the grace of Jesus Christ with others.

During your prayer time, intentionally pray for a country or region of the world where Christians are facing persecution. Pray that the churches and believers would not shrink back from the testimony of the Word of God and that they remain bold in their proclamation of the gospel. Perhaps even pray for the salvation of the oppressive leader who is instigating the persecution — after all, God enjoys making His enemies into His friends!

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