First Baptist GeorgeTown

February 26, 2017


Here are some simple ways to apply today’s Scripture to your life:

Recognize that being a follower of Jesus means accurately representing Him to those around you. While it may be unpleasant to speak about, the wrath that Jesus Christ will bring upon the earth can be a great way for you to emphasize God’s patience and desire for people to turn to Him and be forgiven! When you engage in gospel conversations this week, be sure to mention God’s justice along with His grace — and that the two meet at the cross.

This is what makes the gospel such good news: we can be rescued from God’s wrath and transformed into God’s sons and daughters through faith in Jesus. This week, consider participating in community evangelism through Commission Georgetown. Attend the training session this Wednesday night to learn how to represent Jesus to the world, and then join with fellow believers as we witness for Christ this Saturday.

Since the sin in our lives always results in destruction and pain, make a plan this week for how you will practice repentance and overcome your sin struggles. One great opportunity for you to do this would be joining re:generation on Wednesday nights at FBG for accountability, guidance and encouragement as we wage war against our sin. Either be killing sin, or sin will be killing you.

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