First Baptist GeorgeTown

February 19, 2017


Here are some simple ways to apply today’s Scripture to your life:

The prayers of believers are pictured as being contained in golden bowls full of incense in the presence of the Lord. Commit to spending the first few minutes of your day in prayer this week. You can also meet up with another believer over your lunch break to spend a few minutes in prayer together. Remember that your prayers are as important to God as the prayers of Moses, Abraham, Peter, Paul and all other believers. Ask your co-workers how you can pray for them, and then watch the Lord work!

Encourage a friend who is going through a sad or difficult season of life by sharing that Christ is all sufficient and that every answer is found in Him. The solution to every one of life’s problems can be found in the Lamb once slain who has now risen, takes away our sin and gives us His righteousness. Averting our gaze away from our problems and toward Jesus makes all the difference.

Make an intentional practice of singing along with the congregation as we worship through songs. If you’re self-conscious of your voice, remember that you are primarily singing to the Lord and giving honor to Him. Engage your mind and pay attention to what the lyrics mean. Taking a God-honoring posture during this time will affect everything we do throughout the week and impact the way we engage the Lord and the people around us.

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