First Baptist GeorgeTown

February 12, 2017


During your prayer time this week, take a few moments to sit in silence and reflect on God’s holiness. Ask Him to show you any way in which you are not walking in reverence and honor toward Him. Remind yourself and others that God is honored whenever we repent and turn to Him.

Take a few moments to rehearse the gospel message to yourself: That in spite of our rejection of God and His holiness, He sent His Son to live the life we have failed to live and to die on the cross as our substitute sacrifice. Allow the power of God’s holiness, goodness and grace to propel you into living for Him this week.

When you encounter resistance or mistreatment because of your faith, remember that God is sitting on His throne with all power and authority. One day, He will set everything right and vindicate those who have loved Him. God’s unfathomable goodness will simply obliterate everything that is wicked and opposed to His perfect will.

Examine yourself to see if you are living a lifestyle of worship. After a family mealtime this week, discuss what it means to value and treasure God above all else. Take the opportunity to remind those around you that God is always leaving the door open and inviting us to worship Him. What a patient, merciful and loving Savior!

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