First Baptist GeorgeTown

January 29, 2017


Here are some simple ways you can apply today’s Scripture to your life:

If you’ve been attending FBG for a while but haven’t yet committed, consider formally joining the church. You can grow in your faith and become a functioning church member by finding a way to serve others. If you’re having trouble finding a place to serve, contact a pastor and let them know. Meet with a trusted friend and pray that God will make you into a useful tool in His kingdom work.

Let the Holy Spirit work through you by seeking to refresh and be a source of healing to others. Encourage at least three fellow church members by affirming their service and faithfulness in the church. Seek out one person this week to have a gospel-focused conversation with and encourage them to walk with Jesus. If you know someone who has been hurt by others or is in the midst of a conflict, be a source of healing by reminding them of the good news of the gospel and how there is hope for every situation in which Christ is involved.

This week, pray that Christ would help you see yourself and your sin in the way He sees it. Ask a trusted friend if what you claim to believe is actually a reality in your life. Ask them to hold you accountable in repenting from apathy and carelessness toward Christ and the church. Ask this friend if they would be willing to meet weekly as you seek to make repentance a regular pattern in your life.

If you have questions or need prayer, please contact us at