First Baptist GeorgeTown

January 22, 2017


Here are some simple ways you can apply today’s Scripture to your life:

Make the decision to be a faithful follower of Christ in the routine activities of your day. This can be as simple as starting off your day by spending time with God in prayer and reading the Bible. Let the love of God show in your relationships with friends and family by putting others before yourself. Commit to regularly participating in corporate worship and serving some way in the church. Take note of the ways in which these small acts of routine obedience open up opportunities for you to be used by the Lord.

Choose to obey Christ even when doing so may be difficult or outside of your comfort zone. When you are faced with the temptation to be selfish or to lash out in anger, remember that you have a gracious and merciful Savior who died on the cross to set you free from the penalty and power of sin. When an opportunity to tell others about Jesus presents itself, choose to not cower or be ashamed of the Lord.

Remember that God rewards obedience and does not reward disobedience. Although we are saved by God’s unmerited grace, our disobedience can still cause us to miss out on the joy and blessings He desires to grant us. There is safety in faithfully obeying God, but when we stray from His commands, pain and sorrow will follow. Perhaps you’re someone who feels like they’re at the end of their rope and doesn’t see the point in trying anymore. If you’re struggling, get in touch with one of the pastors or look into the re:generation ministry here at FBG.

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