First Baptist GeorgeTown

January 15, 2017


Here are some simple ways you can apply today’s Scripture to your life:

Examine yourself to see if you are putting up a religious façade around others. Make a list of the ways you’ve not been authentic about your walk with Christ and confess it to a friend. Make a list of the ways you are striving or plan to strive toward authentic faith and share that list with a friend, asking for prayer that you would continue striving.

If you’ve felt any level of apathy about your relationship with Christ and the health of the church, seek to wake up even more by committing to spend time alone with God in His Word each day. You can also experience God’s love by obediently sharing your faith with others. Getting involved in a Home Group is another way to take your spiritual walk more seriously because it gives you fellow believers to love and hold you accountable. Decide what time you will spend reading God’s Word and praying each day this week. Ask someone to pray for you during that time this week.

Rehearse the gospel message to yourself and remember that your salvation isn’t based on what you do, but on what Jesus has done for you. Let this truth propel you to live the way God wants you to — as one who conquers sin and overcomes the temptations of the world. Let this truth remind you each day this week that you can be the aroma of life, the aroma of Christ every place you will be this week. Make a list of people that you would like to share Christ with and begin praying for them each day.

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