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Family Discipleship

Family Discipleship (Deuteronomy 6:5-7):
April 21, 2019

When you wake: Read Isaiah 41:10 each morning this week. Ask each family member if there is anything in their day they feel fear about. Spend time praying together about these things and thanking the Lord that He is present with you.

Before you sleep: Share with your kids a time you let fear overcome you. Talk about how the Lord's love for you has helped you overcome that fear and change your pattern. Ask your child if there is anything in their life where they are feeling fearful. Remind them of God's love of them and how He values them and even knows the number of hairs on their head.

When you sit down: Have your family sit down and show your kids a $20 bill. Ask them what they would do to get that $20. Ask them if they would clean their room, sweep the kitchen, take out the trash, etc. Then show them a penny. Ask them some funny and crazy things to see if they would do them for a penny. The answer will be "no." Read Matthew 10:29-31 and talk with your family about how much they are valued by the Lord. Show them how the Lord greatly values and cares for the sparrow that costs a penny. Share with them how much more valuable they are to the Lord! Pray and ask the Lord to help you trust Him when you are fearful. Thank Him that He cares for and values us so much!

Along the way: As you go along this week, be honest when fear starts to creep in. Confess this to your family and share why the Lord is greater than your fear of the world. Set a pattern your family can follow of confession and turning to trust the Lord.


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