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FBG Discipleship Plan

The FBG Discipleship Plan is designed to help you develop intentional plans in your regular rhythms of life and seasonal activities to pursue making disciples. Whether you’re new to the Christian faith or have grown in a relationship with God for years, this Discipleship Plan provides a way to look at your rhythms and each season as an opportunity to love God, love people and help others do the same.

Prayerfully consider where the Lord has placed you and your family. Brainstorm ideas and use the worksheet sections to develop your Discipleship Plan, then add your responses to your final Discipleship Plan on the front page. Display your plan where you will see it all year.

An interactive version of the Discipleship Plan can be downloaded here.

Below are additional examples of "Rhythms" and "Seasons" for each of the four categories to help you fill out your Discipleship Plan.

You can also share your own ideas and search for ideas from others on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #fbgdiscipleshipplan.

Spiritual Disciplines


Read "Jesus Storybook Bible" every night before bed.

Read a passage of Scripture every morning at breakfast.

Pray together as a family at least once a week.

Thank God for good weather, beauty in nature, other events as they unfold before us.

Listen to worship music in the car.

Read the Bible as you drink your coffee.

Engage in times of personal prayer while driving.

Have family worship nights once a week.

Read a passage of Scripture. If FBG provides a family devotional (typically at Advent or Easter), you can use that. Occasionally, let the kids act out the stories.

Ask a few questions. Parents ask kids to clarify they understand what you read and the kids often have questions of their own.

Take prayer requests. Each person in the family gets a chance to share and ask for prayer and then pray specifically for those things (even if it’s for Batman or Pikachu).

Say the Lord's Prayer together.

Sing a song two like "Jesus Loves Me," "This Little Light of Mine” or a hymn.

Your family worship time can go long, if your kids are really engaged, or it can be pretty short if they are less engaged. Your kids might reach a point where if you miss it for a day or two, they'll start asking about having it.

Pray before bedtime with each child.

Discuss the Sunday or Wednesday Bible study at church on your way to school.

Practice a memory verse on the way home from school.

Pray and fast for the people in your small group on Thursdays.

Ask "What is God doing in your life?" every time you sit down for a dinner together.

Tithe on each paycheck.


Attend major Christian holiday services.

Partake in other Christian holidays and non-Western traditional practices (Seder, Lent, Ash Wednesday, etc.).

Pray before bedtime with each grandchild when you are with them.

Write a letter to each child/grandchild on their birthday. Include a detailed prayer and let them know this is how you will be praying for them through the year.

Use time with grandchildren to memorize Bible verses together. Make this a fun challenge.

During your summer all-family vacation, keep a running list displayed of "What God Is Doing in Our Family." Ask everyone to add to the list.

At mealtime during family vacation, pray specifically for one person. Be sure each person has a turn to be prayed for by the family.

Before school starts, pray with each school-age grandchild. Continue to check in with them weekly for the first month of school and pray with them for their adjustment, their teachers and their friends.

Pray for your kids’ teachers.

Pray for teammates and families on recreation and little league teams.

Read the Christmas story before opening presents on Christmas day.

Read through an entire book of the Bible during the summer. 

Church Engagement


Attend corporate worship three out of four Sundays a month.

Attend and engage in Home Groups or Life Groups three out of four weeks a month.

Sign up for re:generation.


Attend weekly Wednesday Night Meal and AWANA, Bible study.

Grandparents can set a goal to visit the church home of each family unit in your family at least twice a year.

Participate in Merry Christmas With Love.

Serve with your family at Love Georgetown.

Volunteer for Fall Fest.

Help with Collide Impact Weekend.

Volunteer at WinShape or Music Camp.

Invite neighborhood kids to WinShape. 

Coach an Upward basketball team.

Serve on the campus facility work day once a year.

Volunteer to serve preschool kids during during the 11:00 a.m. service once a quarter. 

Missional Living


Invite neighbors to weekly services and Home Groups.

Pray for your neighbors.

Engage with neighbors on non-spiritual topics to encourage relationships.

Pray for co-workers.

Pray for kids in the FBG Kids ministry to know and follow Jesus with their lives.

Pray for teammates and invite them to church.

Pray for the lost by name.

Pray for your neighbors by name daily.

Invite a different neighbor to dinner every two months to build a gospel-centered relationship.

Babysit once a month for your neighbors so they can go on a date night.

Visit other children in Dell Children’s Medical Center once a quarter.

Host a barbecue for the neighborhood once a quarter.

Give your testimony once a quarter to those at your work/neighborhood/school, etc.


Visit nursing homes at Christmas or other holidays (Mother's Day/Father's Day).

Volunteer at Texas Baptist Children's Home.

Each year before the holidays, grandparents can ask one family unit to choose a giving or service project that the entire family will participate in. Take turns with the different family units, each one choosing the family holiday project of the year.

Host an end-of-season party for sports teams and talk about what God did during the season.

Host a Back-to-School block party.

Host a Super Bowl party.

Start a Bible study for your neighborhood or work using the Right Now Media subscription (

Pass out Easter or Christmas invites to everyone in your neighborhood.

Deliver homemade Christmas cookies to all of your neighbors.

Ask your baseball team how you can pray for them each week. 

Family Life


Leave your cell phone at the door each day/night.

Have a weekly or monthly date night with non-traditional activities (not just dinner).

Eat a meal together at the table at least three times a week.

Have a “no cell phones in the car” rule on the way to school — talk about what's going on in each other's lives instead.

Have a local family adventure at least once a quarter to do something unique in the city (stand-up paddleboading, an escape room, a scavenger hunt, etc.).

Say bedtime prayers with your kids.

Have weekly one-on-one time with your kids.

Take your kids out for intentional one-on-one time each month and ask them what they see God doing in their lives.


Host the holidays at your home to limit travel with little ones.

Adopt another family in need.

Take a family vacation without electronics.

Set a goal for number of times to spend time regularly with each set of grandchildren, based on distance and accessibility. Monthly? Weekly?

Keep each set of grandchildren a minimum of one week or two weekends per year to allow parents time away for the health of their marriages.

Go on a weekend getaway with your spouse and be intentional to ask how you can grow closer to Jesus in your marriage.

Attend a marriage retreat with your spouse.

Attend the spring game of your favorite college football team and discuss a biblical topic on the way to and from the event.